Terms of Use

If you want to become our full client, we are happy to provide you with everything you need for a comfortable game. However, like in any other gambling house, we have certain rules that our players must follow. These rules will help you better understand how our site works and avoid unwanted violations. Here you can find the following useful information:

  • Website Security;
  • Legal Requirements;
  • Forbidden Actions on The Site;
  • Depositing and Withdrawing Funds;
  • Bonuses;
  • Changing Conditions.

We ask you to read our rules to understand your rights and opportunities carefully. It will also help you understand exactly how we protect your stay on our site and prevent illegal activities.

Website Security

To provide quality protection to our customers, we need to collect their personal information. That is necessary to establish the gambler's identity and ensure that he does not pose a danger to other gamblers. It will allow us to make sure that you are of legal age and have every right to be on our site. We provide services exclusively to adults because it is illegal to provide services to minors. So if you are still under the age of majority, please leave our site.

Staying on our site is a personal decision of the client and takes responsibility for the process of the game. Our client must be fully aware that staying on our site can lead to the loss of money. The player takes responsibility for any possible monetary losses. By accepting the terms of the agreement, our client agrees not to take actions and deeds that may harm our company's reputation. Therefore, a player cannot complain about the result of his game if he accepts the terms of our agreement. You also allow us to conduct periodic checks to verify your identity by agreeing to our terms.

Legal Requirements

Gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. Our casino cannot guarantee that the use of our site in your jurisdiction is legal. The client assumes full responsibility for using our site on his country's territory, regardless of his law knowledge.

We do not seek to provide the client with illegal opportunities in his jurisdiction. By accepting our agreement, the player confirms and guarantees the legality of using our site in the region in which he lives. We are not liable for the illegal use of the site. We ask you to be extremely careful and ensure that your actions are correct before creating an account on our website.

Forbidden Actions on The Site

Illegal activities are fraud, the use of malware, and bots. Participation in criminal activities, money laundering, and other illegal activities may result in criminal liability for the violator. We also have the right to suspend, cancel or revoke payments or winnings if we suspect that a player intentionally abuses bonus funds. Our site will take necessary measures against persons who violate the rules and laws.

It is also forbidden to use aggressive or offensive language, profanity, or threats in our gambling hub. We ask that you observe etiquette and do not harm other players emotionally.

By signing this agreement, our customers promise not to take actions aimed at hacking our security system. We will take appropriate action against players who violate that rule.

Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

To participate in gambling, the player must deposit a certain amount into his account. Also, by agreeing to our terms and conditions, the player undertakes:

  • not to deposit funds into the gaming account that he obtains illegally;
  • he will not refuse transactions and will not deny and cancel payments.

We reserve the right to block the client's account and cancel the winnings if we suspect he makes a fraudulent deposit. We may notify the appropriate authorities of fraudulent payment activity on our site. We also have the right to use collection agencies to recover payments. Whether you report it or not, the company is not responsible for the non-permission use of credit cards.


When registering on our site, the player confirms that he understands the conditions of each bonus that he can receive on our site. Our client can receive his first bonus as a reward immediately after registering and creating an account.

We give each player the game balance in two parts: real and bonus. The real balance displays the player's money, and the bonus balance displays the amount that the player receives on the bonus project. We automatically credit all bonus funds to the bonus balance unless there are other conditions of the bonus promotion. The player can refuse the bonus that he receives using the bonus balance reset function.

Changing Conditions

We have the right to change that agreement, including editing and updating. We reserve that right for the following reasons:

  • Legal;
  • Commercial;
  • To improve customer service.

We do not notify our customers of amendments, changes, or updates to that agreement. To keep abreast of changes, our client must independently revise the agreement from time to time. We recommend doing that periodically so as not to miss a new item or information. If the terms of the agreement do not suit the client after the update, he is free to stop using our site. Further use of the site after the renewal of the agreement, we will regard as the adoption of new rules.