Privacy Policy

Our official website cares about the right of our customers to maintain their privacy. That is why we make sure that all information provided by our clients remains confidential. If our visitor refuses to provide us with the necessary information about himself, then he will not be able to get full access to our site. In that section of our website, you will find the following useful information:

  • Information Processing;
  • Collection of Information;
  • Purposes of Information Collection;
  • Players' Rights;
  • Security of Personal Data.

Please read that information to know your rights better and protect yourself. That makes it easier for us to protect you and provide you with everything you need.

Information Processing

To dispel the doubts of our visitors, we will provide information about what information we need to collect about you:

  1. First of all, we need your information to identify you as our player. Identifying our players helps us prevent difficulties that scammers can create. We need information such as first name, last name, gender, login, title, and date of birth.
  2. We also need information about the sources of money that you use to replenish the balance. We need information about the bank account, bank card, and virtual wallet. We need that information so that you can make any deposits and place bets.
  3. We also collect technical information that is useful to us: technical information such as Internet protocol address, authorization information, browser name and version, time zone setting and location, the language, types of browser extensions, and operating system.

Your data will help us better protect you and improve your experience on our website. It will also help us deploy our services for you and open access to the full use of the gambling hub.

Collection of Information

Our casino uses different ways to collect information about our customers. The main method is direct interaction with gamblers on our site. You provide us with the necessary information when registering on our website or contacting technical support. Also, in collecting your personal information, subscribing to the newsletter from our casino can help. If your browser uses cookies, they also help collect your data as they remember your preferences and offer information that will be of particular interest to you.

To collect the necessary data, we reserve the right to contact government agencies, our providers, and software providers in certain cases. That is necessary in case of lack of information about you, for example, in certain difficulties.

It is worth noting that if a player refuses to provide us with access to certain data, he will not be able to visit our site as his client. Thus, he can visit our casino exclusively as a guest.

Purposes of Information Collection

One of the reasons is that our casino only accepts adult players. We do not have the right to accept you on our site if you have not the age of majority yet. And to adequately comply with the law, we collect your data to prevent possible violations. If you happen to be underage and are on our site, please leave it as soon as possible.

Since our casino regularly follows the laws, we do our best to create a safe environment for our gamblers. That information will help us prevent and stop various frauds that can harm our players and us.

In addition, it helps us to serve our customers better and provide what they want individually. That's how we can provide what you want individually, as we will be able to monitor your gaming preferences.

Players' Rights

Our customers have every right to get the information about what data we process. That is an open process, and the player has the right to know everything about what happens with the information he provides. It will also help you in case of a mistake in filling in your data. You can fix the mistake much faster. You can also add to your information or remove it. However, that possibility is not unambiguous. Since if there are legitimate reasons not to provide a particular player with the opportunity to make changes to their data, then their original data will remain.

We also respect the opinions and rights of our customers and allow them to express their opinions and wishes. If our client considers that information processing is contrary to the current legal framework, he can file a complaint with state institutions.

Security of Personal Data

We provide gamblers with confidentiality of personal data and security of financial information. We are aware of our responsibility in storing personal information and take all necessary measures. We use effective methods to protect information from third parties. You can be calm about your data, as we actively protect them from the unwanted attention of strangers.

Our privacy policy is subject to change. Therefore, we ask you to visit that page periodically to re-read the rules. We will notify you in case of fundamental changes in our privacy policy.