11 (+2) Online Slots for Real Money

Casino slots online for real money are a stellar phenomenon that suffers from irrational stereotypes. Many people who do not know the gambling principles suppose that those are an apparatus of deceit. The first associations to casino slots online for real money are falsehood, trickiness, and greediness. Hateful vision to slots for real money online creates a fog wall of prejudice. Nevertheless, objective reality shows another picture.

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Let us highlight that the best online slots for real money are not about emptying your stashes that you must have spent on rent. Those games are an independent branch of art! And that branch connects talented artists, music writers, and programmers. Those people accumulate their powers to bestow us another vivid project. Game development nowadays shines and prospers. Neglecting its offers means nothing but cutting yourself from a whole universe.

But reading about the abstract positives of gambling is nothing like trying the implemented projects. Experience is the only tool that forms a stark opinion. So, let us suggest several slots online for real money that are not about asinine spinning.

🔶 1. Rich Wilde Series

Developer: Play’n GO
RTP: always above 95%
→ Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead

Egyptian themes are standard in slot design. Yet, not every developer can implement their vision in something like games about Rich Wilde! The Book of Dead is a game with a neat, bright, and detailed design. The simplicity of symbols was a necessity, yet, the developers managed to weave the deepness of Egyptian vibes.

Of course, top-notch animation is only a part of the whole piece. The game also entices players with its rhythmical music. The unison of simsimiyyas, the ringing of tambourines, and the vocal of mizmars merge into one stream. In the end, the soundtrack is so alluring that one wants to listen to it for hours.

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The gameplay, in turn, is far from being monotonous. Yet again, real-money slots online are not about brain-dead hitting a button. The game has many features that can alter your outcome. Thus, it is advisable to read all instructions! But even that might not suffice. That is why we recommend spinning a demo first.

Given stellar RTP, no game about Rich Wilde is gluttonous for cash. Furthermore, the game bestows influential bonuses and rows of free spins systematically. That said, no wonder Rich Wilde’s adventures are the best-loved ones of many gamblers!

→ Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness

Horror themes could use more representation in the lush universe of slots. And while we anticipate reinforcement of mystery-themed games, we have the Tome of Madness! That is another gripping adventure of our wealthy and lucky character. Now he encounters Lovecraftian nightmares!

When you play this part of Rich Wilde’s story, you do not spin — you stack symbols. That allows snatching several combos in a row for vast wins. And let us not neglect the aesthetics! Grim and desolate romantics of the settings will win your heart if you appreciate mystery and horror, while you win sustainable sums!

→ Rich Wilde and the Wandering City

Another adventure approaches! Now, our treasure hunter reaches snow-white and sharp-toothed mountains between Chile and Argentina. This part of his venture is simpler than the previous ones. Yet, simplicity is a wise option when you get exhausted.

And that is only three projects about Rich Wilde! There are many other games, and some of them feature another brave character — a female raider Cat Wilde. For those who adore Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series, Cat Wilde’s adventures might be the foremost choice!

🔶 2. Rise of Olympus: Hand of God

Developer: Play’n GO
RTP: 96.5%

This gem amidst casino slots online for real money is a fav of many old-timers. The project has the same mechanics as Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness. So, instead of repetitious spinning players stack the symbols. Do not suppose that the supreme deities of Olympus stand like pasteboard decorations for a vibe! The characters assist players after almost every round and bestow free spins systematically.

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The audio accompaniment is profound and stark. Thus, the game guarantees deep immersion in the atmosphere, not just the process. In parallel, for many gamblers, this project is a cash-tripling apparatus that never bores them.

Of course, even this project might seem dull after days of playing. If you crave diversity but want to save the vibe, here are resembling games! But do not neglect to google their RTP and other details:

  • Take Olympus;
  • Beat the Beast: Griffin’s Gold;
  • Olympian Gods;
  • Greek Gods;
  • Zeus Lightning Power Reels;
  • Zeus the Thunderer;
  • Poseidon’s Rising.

🔶 3. The Sword and the Grail

Developer: Play’n GO (yet again, but what can we do if the team creates masterpieces?)
RTP: 96%

Another best-loved game of adepts and novices equally. Now we find ourselves in the fortress castle where King Arthur lives and rules. After a warm-up and stacking a multiplier, the player has maximum chances of snatching a positively petrifying win.

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Yet again, the gameplay is one side of every online slot that allows doubling real money. In parallel, The Sword and the Grail is a piece of art. Its visual design and musical backup fascinate players enough. So, Tolkienists and fantasy adorers should take this option into account.

Would you like some alternatives? Here they come:

  • Lady Merlin;
  • Lord Merlin and the Lady of the Lake;
  • Rise of Merlin;
  • Book of King Arthur;
  • Age of Dragons and Age of Ice Dragons;
  • Dragon Shard.

🔶 4. Book of Shadows

Developer: NolomitCity
RTP: 96.01%

Do not let cartoonish style deceive you! This horror-themed slot is for those who appreciate dismal and somber aesthetics. Let the dark misty forest embrace you while you snatch combos of devilish cats, moths, and occult manuals. Also, never neglect the peculiarities of different slots! This game lets players determine the number of reels. That is a non-repeatable feature that many other developers could respectively orient on.

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Alas, horror-oriented slots are rare brilliants in the ocean of gambling. Still, if you want resembling means of entertainment, try spinning:

  • Mental;
  • Twin Wins Mystery;
  • House of Ghosts;
  • Circus of Horror;
  • Halloween Horrors;
  • Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness. Yes, that Alice Cooper, the musician.

🔶 5. Deadwood

Developer: NolomitCity
RTP: 96.03%

If you fancy the aesthetics of the Wild West, this game is the wisest choice! High RTP and top-notch design in equilibrium make this project a beloved option of gambling adepts. The controls are the simplest ones. So, no player encounters difficulties when playing it. The only drawback is that utmost gameplay simplicity makes this project less gripping than it could be. As a money-doubling apparatus, yes, Deadwood is a lucrative resource. For relaxation, Deadwood also suffices. For excitement and dynamics — sad to say, no.

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Here are some other games that you might add to your collection of Western-themed slots:

  • West Town;
  • Western Jack;
  • Wild West Gold;
  • Western Wilds;
  • Western Tales;
  • Western Pacific;
  • Cowboy Gold;
  • The True Sheriff.

🔶 6. Unicorn Reels

Developer: Wazdan
RTP: 96.14%

If you seek serenity and relaxation after a long workday, Unicorn Reels is your savior. Smooth flows of symbols, untroubled moves of a fairytale unicorn, and dreamy music create a tender yet powerful combo. If you are a green gambler, it is advisable to play this game for entertainment purposes — solely. Occasional losses might ruin your experience if you are an emotional soul. Notwithstanding, Unicorn Reels is not a greedy game. It bestows free spins systematically, so you cannot lose a ton of resources.

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It is challenging to suggest something so relaxing. But for those who adore fairytale vibes, here are some alternatives:

  • Fairytale Fortune;
  • Fairy Belle;
  • Fairytale Coven;
  • Crystal Unicorn;
  • Magic Unicorn;
  • Golden Unicorn;
  • Mirror Mirror.

🔶 7. Pirate Gold

Developer: PragmaticPlay
RTP: 96.5%

No one ever neglects pirate aesthetics when mentioning slots for real money online! Pirate Gold is one of the simplest games. Still, its stellar RTP turns it into a gold-tripling instrument. The animation also boasts dynamic animation. In contrast, the gameplay could use more dynamism. Nonetheless, Pirate Gold is one of the hottest choices of gambling virtuosos.

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Some extra options if you are for this vibe:

  • A Pirate Quest;
  • Eight Golden Skulls of Holly Roger;
  • Age of Pirates;
  • Pirate Armada;
  • Age of Pirates;
  • Jewel Sea: Pirate Riches.

🔶 8. Book of Cats

Developer: BGaming
RTP: 94%

Let us switch to a festive, flamboyant, and cute slot about animals that are divine for eternity! Yet again, we focus on an Egyptian-themed slot. Unfortunately, its RTP is not as high as we usually see on this list. Be that as it may, the game is flawless for entertainment purposes. Its animation is smooth, the design is neat, and the cats are sweet! The gameplay is undemanding. Thus, even novices will have zero troubles with controlling the process.

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We must admit that simplicity is a drawback in parallel. If you lose interest in the Book of Cats, here are other gripping projects with

  • Egyptian ambiance:
  • Egyptian Dream Deluxe;
  • Nights of Egypt;
  • Egyptian Rebirth Series;
  • Plagues of Egypt;
  • Egyptian Fortunes;
  • 🔶Power of Gods: Egypt;
  • Doon of Egypt;
  • Anksunamun: The Queen of Egypt;
  • Book of Pyramids;
  • Ghost of Dead;
  • Pyramid Treasure;
  • Ankh of Anubis;
  • The Power of Ankh.

🔶 9. Starlight Princess

Developer: PragmaticPlay
RTP: 96.5%

Another theme that could use more representation and elucidation is anime. Starlight Princess is an anime-oriented slot, but the design is far from what an actual Japanese mangaka would create. The company functions in Malta, the UK, Gibraltar, Ukraine, India, and the Philippines. Of course, for casino enjoyers who seek diversity, that look of the game suffices. Moreover, people from all corners of Earth appreciate anime and create art pieces in that style. Still, a connoisseur might say that the game could use authentic Japanese, Chinese, or Korean touches.

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Anyways, the design is cute and vivid! Music, in turn, fits the aesthetics and contributes to a light and pleasant experience. The gameplay demands minimal gambling skills and might be repetitive. So, here are alternatives for anime adorers:

  • Moon Princess;
  • Koi Princess;
  • Magic Maid Café;
  • High School Manga.

🔶 10. Goddess of Lotus

Developer: Spinomenal
RTP: 96.31%

No way to forget about tender and melodic slots with Oriental ambiance! Limberness of red-green dragons, the glitter of Chinese coins and the gentle movement of lotuses — Goddess of Lotus has that all. So, this slot is another lucrative option, given its high RTP. In the meantime, no one cancels relaxation and appreciation of Oriental cultures.

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The game is generous for re-spins and rewards, so no gambler loses a lot when enjoying this gift of game dev. Nevertheless, we stumble on the issue of gameplay simplicity afresh. The repetitiveness is a prerogative of many slots. No wonder you might be considering other games simultaneously. So, here are your potential favorites to add to the collection of Oriental-themed slots:

  • China Charms;
  • Chinese Zodiac;
  • Chinese Spider;
  • Eastern Lotus;
  • Lotus Kingdom;
  • Chang’e — Goddess of the Moon.

🔶 11. Viking Runecraft

Developer: Play’n GO
RTP: 94.66%

And now we switch to energetic and forceful aesthetics of robust Northern deities, mighty warriors, and cold snows. Viking Runecraft is a bit greedier than all the games we have mentioned. Howbeit, it has a unique visual design and an impressive soundtrack.

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Also, this slot is not about spinning. Like the Tome of Madness and Rise of Olympus, Viking Runecraft stacks symbols and erases combos right after they give you the win. Non-challenging gameplay contributes to trouble-free enjoyment and spares some room for mere fun. And if you adore this ambiance, do not neglect the existence of:

  • Viking Wilds;
  • Viking Voyage;
  • Viking Gods: Thor and Loki;
  • Book of Vikings;
  • Viking Glory;
  • Story of Vikings;
  • Thor’s Vengeance;
  • Thor Hammer Time;
  • Book of Loki;
  • Loki’s Fortune.

🔶 The Final Pronouncement

You can see that the universe of slots does not lack diversity! The only thing it lacks is appreciation. We must highlight that game development is an art. Each game has a vibe, visual design, and unique soundtrack. Being skeptical of that does not hurt the entertainment industry, of course. But neglect might hurt those who lose their chances to enjoy the deep ambiance of free projects.

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We must also admit that this list does not contain other types. The world of slots is immense! It is impossible to elucidate all themes as new ones emerge every second. So, stay tuned and enjoy slots to the maximum with ubiquitous convenience!