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Rise of Gods: Reckoning

Play for real money

Step into the world of the Greek gods with Rise of Gods: Reckoning! You will plunge into the mystical immortal world of mysteries and secrets that will become available only to you. Three powerful brothers are ready to share their secrets with you and, more importantly, their gold. You don't have to choose a side. You have to enjoy the moment! An exciting new world with divine powers, new designs of old gods, and rewards are waiting for you.

Get ready to face the strongest Olympus gods, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon! Three brothers skillfully hide from people in the world of the living. Today they live on earth among mortals, and many years of experience do not allow them to disappear in that world. However, they are ready to open the veil of their secrets for you. In Rise of Gods: Reckoning, you have to find out that the brothers do not get along and tend to compete even after millennia. However, one can always benefit from their disagreements. They will give you generous gifts with the right approach, and you will be the first to get the gold of the gods!

A stunning new yet recognizable design of the three Greek gods awaits you for a long time to remember. To all that, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent night city, the atmosphere of which attracts and inspires. The bright lights of the night and its skyscrapers will make you feel like the city's owner because now you are one of the gods! And considering what kind of reward awaits you, you are the god of profit and prosperity.

You can always try the demo version of that slot to make sure it suits your preferences and tastes, and if so, you can safely dive into the world of thousand-year secrets! Play Rise of Gods: Reckoning and win now!