T.I.M.E. For Christ
Medical Ministries
(formerly Mexico Ministries)


T.I.M.E. For Christ Mexico Ministries medical caravans have been going to Mexico since the summer of 1970. We have always worked in conjunction with the Sociedad Medical Cristiana of Puebla and under the authority of properly licensed Mexico Medical Doctors. Through the years the Ministry has developed to where we have a full clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, x-ray, pre-op, surgery, post-op, dental, children’s art and handy work classes, and kitchen. The caravans usually consist of 15 vehicles from the United States. The caravans are normally made up of 100 to 175 Americans and Mexicans. We prefer to function in rural areas where we set up in a school facility requiring 17 to 20 rooms. We come twice a year; the last two weeks of July and week between Christmas and New Years. We come at the written request of the Mexican municipality and the Sociedad Medica Cristiana of Puebla. We bring our own cots and sleeping bags and sleep in school rooms. We basically are self sustaining, bringing our cooking equipment and food for serving 150 to 175 people for the duration of a trip. We have the ability to purify our own water if battled water is not available, and we carry portable generators for surgery, lab and x-ray. On a summer caravan we see approximately 3000 patients in the clinic, perform 125 operations and 400 dental patients. The lab does 300 procedures and 200 x-rays are taken. All services are free and on a first come-- first serve basis; i.e. patients are received in the order that they arrive. We have worked with several State Governors’ wives and DIF organizations. We provide copies of our Doctors and Nurses United States licenses.


But our medical caravan is just the beginning. Our real purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost people of Mexico. Technically, we Americans cannot evangelize as we are only in Mexico on tourist visas. Thus, we work closely with a cadre of Mexican evangelists who are integral to our selection of caravan location. The evangelistic team ensures that there is a spiritual need in the area and there would be spiritual follow up for any new believers. Therefore, our Mexican evangelistic team is the indispensable part of our ministry effort. The caravan draws the people in and while the people stand in line waiting for health-care, our Mexican brothers witness to the crowds and set up stations where the Jesus video is being constantly shown. Typically about 10 % of our patients accept Jesus every trip and our Mexican brothers provide long term follow up to ensure the new Christians are disciples. Praise be to God.

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