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Letter to Volunteers/Supporters - November 2010

Dear Friends of the TIME for Christ Mexico Ministries,

It is after lengthy study and discussion and extensive prayer that the Mexico Ministries Executive Committee (MMEXCO) and leadership of this ministry is sharing this communication.  In effort to assure the participants and supporters of the medical mission trips that we are listening to authorities and their recommendations related to travel in Mexico, we are announcing that plans for the Winter 2010 caravan have been suspended.  Although as individuals we find this to be one the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make, we believe that God is directing us as a body to heed the advice of the officials who deal most directly with the dangers associated with crossing into Mexico at the major border cities and traveling through some of the states most closely enmeshed in the drug trafficking and unrest.  A number of factors have been considered in this decision, with participants’ safety the primary concern.   We have prayed collectively over the matter, coming together in unity in a timely manner so as to inform prospective participants of the decision before they have too much invested in the trip.

Believing that the Lord is directing us all, the MMEXCO is in agreement that we will be using the next several months to regroup and retool in preparation for the Summer 2011 caravan.  Most importantly, we will be monitoring the situation in Mexico to be sure that we can continue sharing the Gospel message while keeping everyone safe.  We will be considering alternative ways of travel for the team and for the transportation of the supplies. 

This last year T.I.M.E. for Christ Mexico Ministries has seen some remarkable changes to the way things have been done.  We are no longer able to cross our big F-800 cargo trucks and 1961 MCI Challenger bus into Mexico, although we have tried every possible way.  The only way to cross our equipment now is to carry it in trailers, which necessitated purchasing three cargo trailers and retrofitting them to be able to safely carry our equipment prior to the summer 2010 caravan.  We were unable to foresee and budget for this, and it has set us back $28,000.   Coupled with the economic down turn, giving to Mexico Ministries has also diminished, making it hard to operate this ministry because trip donations only cover 60% of our operating budget.  The remainder of the budget is covered by regular monthly donations and one time gifts.  It is our desire to continue to use the incentive of free medical care to open the door for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor and needy in Mexico.  We have tried to pare down any and all expenses possible—we are one of the least costly mission trip groups—but continue to see that we need to raise $11,000- $15,000 a month to continue serving the Lord with this ministry.  Please consider supporting T.I.M.E for Christ Mexico Ministries.  For those who were considering joining the team on the winter caravan, please think about contributing all, or a portion, of the donation you would have sent to go on the trip in December.  Thank you.

Ways you can give:  

By Check.  You may send a donation to the ministry address (20770 US Hwy 281N, Ste.108 PMB 490, San Antonio, TX 78258)  or by direct debit through your own bank.  This is easy and safe since you can designate a monthly gift or as often as you choose to give. 

Volunteer.  We need people to help with preparation of supplies.  Contact the ministry office by email to be put on a list of volunteers available to help as needed.

Your prayers are appreciated as we move through this transition time in expectation that we will soon be back ministering in Mexico.

Humbly in Christ,

Mexico Ministries Executive Committee


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